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A system that creates a dynamic atmosphere for the game that deals with several factors, such as time, day phases, rain, sunlight (and moonlight), camera control, dynamic BGM, among other factors; and it affects both maps and battles.

The system was made using MV3D as a base, which is the plugin that makes RPG Maker become real 3D. I know that several of these systems are common, but I created them all by common events to ensure compatibility with the mentioned plugin. In addition, the compatibility between them is perfect and bug-free as well.

To summarize better what it is about, follow the list of all the systems included in the Environment System:

  • Time
  • Rain
  • Day and Night
  • Sunlight & Moonlight
  • Camera Routines
  • Flashlight
  • Clock HUD
  • Dynamic BGM
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Day and Night in Battle Integration
  • Weather in Battle Integration
  • 3D Battlebacks Support
  • HUD Adjustment Menu
  • Dynamic Camera
  • First Person Camera Easy Setup
  • Sprite Animations (PRO)
  • Keyboard Configuration (PRO)
  • Gamepad Support (PRO)
  • Mouse Camera Control (PRO)
  • Options Upgrade (PRO)
  • Button Common Events (PRO)
  • Movement Control (PRO)
  • Bigger Database (PRO)
  • Graphics Library (PRO)
  • Music Library (PRO)

* (PRO) means that this feature is only present in the Pro version.

The Environment System works as a game core, a set of systems that serve as a basis for creating games.

You can find the tutorial online at: https://www.coopninjask.com/mv3d-environment-system-pro


By purchasing the Pro version, you receive the following products for FREE:

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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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(MV3D Environment System Pro 2.2 (U) Demo.rar 904 MB

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Hi, I'm really interested in buying this plugin, I'd just like to know if you happen to know if it is compatible with Atelier rgss' Chronno battle engine, and if not, would you charge extra for support in making it work?

Hello, castillerojc!
Unfortunately this is not compatible with Chrono Battle Engine.
As for your proposal, I confess that this would be a very hard job to do and it falls short of my capabilities.
Sorry for not fulfilling your request, but I'm glad you liked my work! ;)

Thank you so much for your quick reply, I'll still be buying the engine as if fits the look of what I want to a T, just another quick question, I see your shooter battle system and I'd like to implement it for puzzle-solving sections, can the shooter and 3D battleback generator engines work together?

What I studied about MV3D is that in order to have an ABS working with it, it would be necessary to build one by events and that is what I was doing, but i dropped its development.
You can try to do an event-based ABS yourself, this will work.
It would work perfectly with the 3D Battlebacks Generator.

Perfect, all I needed to know, I've just bought it, so thank you for your had work!

Thank you so much for your support!
I'm really glad you liked my work!
I hope you enjoy it! ^^

can i get the Dynamic Camera for free? cos that is the only thing i need

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No, as this is part of the package.

But, please understand that this is for the MV3D, and not for the default RPG Maker MV.

The good thing is that this is a feature that is also part of the Lite version, so you can get it, if you prefer, since it is cheaper.

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ok then

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Hey Coopninaask, great add-on options+fps. I have two questions: 

- if I understand right, adding normal spirit sheet of characters (Humen/monsters) or object will be good to use as 3D game as long as I add the right script in the Note... Or I need to design them in specific way the works with the 3D environment? (I just want to make sure).

- Can you point me to a guide/tut of how to add my own 3D model in the game like you did with the gold in the video? Are this will passibble with big modles like house for example? I have a hard time finding step by step for that, I may just missed it.

- Are you planing to add mogABS support in later updates? 

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Hello TheGameAfter!

You should add character sprite sheets as usual, just like you do with the regular RPG Maker MV.
The MV3D will consider the character's directions as his sides and automatically rotate as the camera rotates.
You can use note tags like, for example, mv3d scale to adjust the character's size in relation to the game map.
So if you have a character sprite sheet that is a bit smaller than normal and you want to adjust them to match the size of the RPG Maker MV, you just need to insert this scale note tag to adjust it.
In short, you don't need to make any special adjustments for the sprites to work correctly with 3D, as the MV3D itself interprets the default RPG Maker MV sprite sheets and applies them correctly.
Even so, if any adjustments are needed, you can do so by note tags.

There is nothing very detailed about this, but you can take a look at the MV3D documentation, as there is some information there: mv3d.cutievirus.com/documentation
The most recommended is to look at the demo example to see how it is done and apply it to your own 3D models.

It is possible to use large models as houses - you can take a look at the Shadow Quest videos that are on my channel to get an idea of their use - but using too many models can impact the performance of your game, so you have to use them with moderation.
Another thing is that when configuring passability, you have to fill in the tiles that the player is supposed to not pass with invisible tiles and with passability X to prevent the player from walking inside the models.
It is possible to do, but a little laborious.

I personally am not working on it.
The ABS that I showed in some videos on my channel was being made based on events, but I took a break from its development.
However, YoraeRasante was working on a compatibility patch between MV3D and Chrono Engine, research about it to find out more, I am not so aware of the current status of the compatibility patch, since I am not developing it.

I hope I have clarified your doubts and helped you.
If there are any more questions, you can ask me.
A big hug!

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Thanks for clearing this up. I will check this out.

One more thing, are there is a simple way when using md3 to disable/enable it on specific maps? From what I see, when turn the md3 plugin on is automatically launch the game with 3d mode for everything.

I want to use 2D maps/environment in some maps and to have other maps with md3 (Player home, town..). Also 3d maps could be use for mini games maps.

 The easy way will be by disable the plugin in specific maps.

If there is any other way to stop the md3 effect in-game and return it after when I want it, even if complex please let me know.

Yes, you can enable/disable the 3D effect in a simple way, you just have to insert a tag in the map's note tags.

Please take a look at the MV3D tutorial: mv3d.cutievirus.com/documentation

ok so i bought this, and i own the premium version of MV-3D, but not the patron version, will it still work?

Yeah, this works normally.

Will there be a MZ port? As MV3D seems to be porting

There are plans for that!

Can (MV3D) Environment System Pro be applied to a game in progress?

Yes, this is possible, but it does require some work.
How advanced is your project?

The map is complete.... towns and characters about two thirds... game mechanics about 20%. 

This would require some work, it would not be plug and play, unfortunately.

Still a great plugin.... purchased... I will let you know how it works out. Thanks.


If you need help, please send a message to coopninjask@gmail.com

I really hope you enjoy it! ^^

Before buying I want to ask if it's compatible with parallax mapping technique and maybe ARPG/SRPG system?

also thank you for your beautiful works.

As it is a 3D environment, parallax mapping does not make much sense. If you use a 2D environment, then yes, it is possible.

Due to being a 3D environment, the ARPG and SRPG plugins that already exist are not compatible.
It would be possible to create an ARPG or SRPG game, but you would need to create these systems yourself, considering 3D aspects such as the Z coordinate (height), for example.

I'm glad that you liked my work and you're welcome! ^^

Thank you for the answer,
and I think this will be interest me soon after I am done with my demo.
also it would help much if I can ask you about the core when developing the system to be compatible :D

Thank you and best regards.

Oh, i see!

No problem, you're welcome! ^^

I have two questions

  1. is this compatible with rpg maker mz
  2. Are there any compatibility limitations with yanfly currently known?

Hello Infinite395,

1. No, it's not compatible with MZ, it's just for MV.

2. There is no compatibility issues with Yanfly's plugins that is currently known.

Awesome thanks, any plans in the future for compatibility with MZ?

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There are plans for that!


Ready friend what is promised is debt, I already bought it and I am very satisfied.
Now I have a lot of work, but in a few days I will contact you to discuss projects and business.
Again let me congratulate you.
Thanks and we are in contact.

Thanks for your support, my friend!
I'm glad you liked it and I really hope you enjoy it!
I await your contact so we can have this conversation.
A big hug!

This looks awesome! 

Couple questions...

1- Will the assets also be in 3d when applying them? I've had a hard time trying to get the assets in 3d when testing. 

2- Is the Active Battle System included in this? 


Hello, Castillo312!

1) Most assets are sprites, like those used by characters, for example.
No new tilesets have been included.

I am seriously thinking about starting a series of MV3D tutorials, what do you think of this idea?

2) No, Active Battle System is not ready yet. I have focused a lot on the Sideview Battle System and, therefore, the development of ABS ended up being stopped.