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Hi there, nice work, just got your demo. 

Question: What souldi do if I want to set some maps without the '3D environment' and some maps whit it? so i can use the '3D' only in specific maps (like a 'Note Tag' in the map setting, switch or a script)?  thanks

Hello, buddy!
Thanks for your support! :)

First, in the plugin settings, you can define whether the maps will be 3D by default or not; this will apply to all maps.
Logically, in this demo, I setted 3D enabled by default.

But it is also possible to enable (or disable) 3D on a specific map, to do this, you must insert the commands below in the map's note tags:
In this example, 3D will be disabled on that map.

It is also possible to do the opposite, inserting "enable(true)" instead of false, but since 3D is enabled by default in the plugin settings, you will not notice the effect of the command.
This would work if you decide to disable 3D by default in the plugin settings.
To change the plugin settings for this, you must go to "Map Settings/Map Defaults".

I really hope you enjoy it!
A big hug!

Thanks for quick respond, it work great to turn on and off the 3D mod, I will check the demo+wiki before more questions.  The idea of putting it in common event are very  helpful when using other game changing plugins. 

You're welcome!

If you have any more questions, you can ask me. :)

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Quick Question: what did you use to added/setup the w,a,s,d as a move buttons and  the 'Q,E' as the page down, page up buttons (I didn't sew any plugin in the plugins list of the demo)?  I want to add a plugin who use some of those buttons so i need to know how to change them. thanks

In the mv3d plugin settings, you can define the type of control you want to use.

It has a configuration called WASD movement, which you can disable if you want.

Will I be able to use this with my Steam RPG Maker MV? And if so, how would I install it.

This is just a project.

You access this the same way you access a normal project, just open it.

Do you have an ABS system that we can buy from you?

Hello, Castillo312!
I am currently developing one, but it is not ready to be released yet.
Stay tuned for good news!

can you respond to this in the future when it's ready so that I may buy. Thanks and great job!

Ok, i will warn you! ^^

Is it possible to use this for non 3-d environment for MV?  I'm interested in these features in particular: 

  • Time
  • Rain
  • Day and Night
  • Sunlight & Moonlight
  • Flashlight
  • Clock HUD
  • Dynamic BGM
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Shadows

Basically the atmosphere features but for 2d . 

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Hello, my friend!

As this was developed to be used with 3D activated, there are some features that works only with 3D activated and there are some features that works in both cases.

Features that works in both cases:

  • Time
  • Rain
  • Day and Night
  • Clock HUD
  • Dynamic BGM
  • Smooth Transitions (Parallax must be visible)
  • Day and Night in Battle Integration
  • Weather in Battle Integration
  • 3D Battlebacks Support
  • HUD Adjustment Menu

Features that works only with 3D activated:

  • Sunlight & Moonlight
  • Camera Routines
  • Flashlight
  • Dynamic Camera
  • First Person Camera
  • Shadows

Note that the way the map is constructed in 3D mode is different from 2D mode (RPG Maker MV default).

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great thanks for the reply do you have a video sample of it in 2d mode ?   or perhaps fixing the camera in a way so it appears 2d in a 3D environment .   

There are 2 ways to do this:

The first way is to disable the 3D effect in the plugin settings (or on a specific map, if you prefer), this will be like a normal RPG Maker game, so I think it is unnecessary to make a video.

The second way is to configure the camera in a way that looks like 2D (yes, you can fix it and prevent the player from changing).

You can adjust the camera to achieve an effect similar to Pokémon Black & White, for example, what I call an aerial camera; or you can take the aerial camera to the limit, which resembles a normal RPG Maker game as well.

In short, you can configure the camera as you wish with the 3D mode enabled, including deciding whether the player can change it or not.

If you choose the second way, simulate 2D, even with 3D enabled, it is possible to keep all features that are made for 3D mode.

To use your own camera config, you can ignore the Camera Routines I created by activating a switch. Read the tutorial, if you decide to do this, to understand it better.

thank you for your detailed explanation . 

You're welcome! ^^

Wow I would like to see this run on my Tenko's Story Rpg game. Good job such great detail in this, very amazing!

Is your project is in a advanced stage in development?

Now i'm curious to see it!

Thanks for the compliment! ^^

Yes you can play it right now. Go to my View all by LVGames to see Tenko's Story it play son the browser. I entered RPG Makers 30 day Game jam. I got complaints that I didnt finish but I did my best all I can say.

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Hey! I have played your game!
Nice NES feelings!
Did you create all the graphics and compose the songs or are they packs that you got somewhere?

I recognized several plugins there: Yanfly, Moghunter, Galv.
You made good use of them.

I have a question: Does the demo ends in chapter 3?
I defeated the boss chicken, but I couldn't get off the map.
I thought I could fix the ship.

Now an idea: Give the player the option to untransform from the boss chicken.

Cool game, bro! ^^

You did a lot for a game created in 1 month.

Thank you very much NES vibes for sure!

Music is custom made that I hired for my own game music. As well as the art, there are some of  the art come from packs that I took and make them work with RPG MV.

Yes youre right about the plugins I wanted to add all the plugins I use in the credits but I ran out of time.

Yes the Demo ends after winning the Boss chicken. I really try my best to make a ending but I had to rush it to at least have a boss to fight. So I'm happy I was able to add that.

Yes your correct once you get the special lumber that is the last piece to fix the ship to travel other islands.

I only did that as a joke I forgot to take that part off haha. I do plan to finish the demo to have more content. What took lots of time was all the custom art fitting them so they work with MV.

Thank you I did my best for the month. I over did it so now I'm working on my platformer games at the moment.


I understand.

I have been working for 6 months on my project's base and this is not ready yet, it is a very long job.

1 month is a short time.

Good luck with your projects!

Silly question... I would like to by this. Will this come with like a template to continue building? 


What exactly do you mean by template?
The demo comes with sample maps, so you can base on them to learn how to build your own maps.

Awesome. I'll buy it. Thanks.

You're welcome! ^^