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Does this system work for 1st-person-view battles, or is it only for SVbattles?



Hello, my friend!
Only works for side view battles.

You're welcome! ^^

Got it. Thanks for the reply!

One final question; it's about the shooter battle system (I'm really interested), will it have melee weapon support? And do you have a planned release date?


Well, the objective of the Shooter Battle System is to simulate a Shooter, but adapting it to the Action RPG style, trying to emulate the feeling of being playing action games, like Resident Evil, for example.
As usually happens in shooting games, the player will have access to a Knife to attack at close range, but it will not be a wide range of melee weapons as in a Zelda game, for example. The Knife is just a complement, the strong point of SBS will be the use of Ranged Weapons.
As for the release date, I don't have an expectation yet, but I already have a lot ready. I am in the process of demonstrating what is already ready to my followers and, finishing this phase, I will complete the construction of the System and release it.
Stay tuned on my Youtube channel to stay informed!
I'm glad you liked my work!
A hug!

achei incrível 

Só não tenho condições de comprar agora 

usei por muito tempo o RPG Maker Pirata ai agora comprei o original 

Fico feliz que tenha gostado! ^^

Otimo plugin, mas eu não estou conseguindo comprar pois suas configurações no paypal não esta aceitando outras moedas

Grato e otimo trabalho!

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Obrigado pelo elogio, amigo.
Vou dar uma olhada no Paypal quanto a essa configuração.
Se quiser, eu posso providenciar uma forma alternativa de pagamento para você.
Mande-me um e-mail para resolvermos isso:
Um grande abraço!

EDIT: Conferi aqui e o Paypal está configurado para aceitar outras moedas, inclusive minha moeda padrão é o real.